I started LiveGraphics3D around 1997 when I had programmed a few Java applets and realized that I used Mathematica to create the geometry for the applets and then hard coded the geometry into the source code of the applets. That’s certainly not the best way to do it; thus, I started to work on a Java applet that could read and display Mathematica graphics, in particular, Graphics3D objects. (That’s where the name LiveGraphics3D came from.)

A few years later, I extended LiveGraphics3D with the possibility to interactively manipulate graphics by dragging those points that have at least one coordinate which is specified by an “independent variable.” Dragging the point then updates the value of that independent variable and in turn the whole graphics object is updated for that new value. (A concept I called “parametrized graphics” which I explored in quite a few publications.)

Now it is 2017 and most browsers no longer support Java applets. Thus, I decided to start a new journey to port the Java applet to an HTML5 web app in JavaScript. Let’s see how far I get with this.