Picking it up again

After a pause due to exams and holidays, I’m continuing with the porting of the Parser class. I’ve gone through the code of the Parser class now, but I still need to debug the JavaScript code and for that I need a few more dummy implementations of functions of other classes. And test cases for the debugging. Many test cases.

Debugging is an interesting activity: while it’s work, it’s often similar to solving a challenging puzzle that requires exploration of what’s actually going on (not unlike a criminal investigation). In that sense, debugging has some features of (explorative) play, which I find quite motivating. Writing test cases is different: one has to write test cases to reveal problems, which then have to be debugged. Thus, writing test cases is work that leads to even more work, which is a lot less motivating.

On the other hand, each test case is passed at some point, i.e., there is a happy end to each and every test case. Think positive! 🙂