Where we are and WebVR

So, I’m planning to port LiveGraphics3D to a web app using the 2D context of the HTML5 canvas element. In the long run, it should also support the WebGL context of the HTML5 canvas element, which would provide hardware-accelerated 3D graphics rendering but requires more programming.

Now, I had a look at the draft of the WebVR API. Fun fact: for the rendering it relies on a canvas element instead of a WebGL context. Which means that a canvas element with a 2D context might work fine with WebVR. Which then means that it might be relatively easy to make LiveGraphics3D 2.x work in VR – even before it supports WebGL. How crazy would that be?

Of course, if that works, I would like to have not only one Graphics3D object in the virtual environment but many! And one should be able to pick them up with one hand while manipulating them with the other! And throw them around and into each other! And do bottle flips! Errrr … well, maybe not bottle flips.

But maybe the final specification of WebVR will require a WebGL context instead of allowing a 2d context. We’ll see.