I am Andy

While listening to “I Am Vaiana (Song of the Ancestors),” I’ve ported the character scanning of LiveGraphics3D to JavaScript. This includes mundane things like replacing comments by a white space and checking whether a Unicode character is printable, but the main part is mapping Mathematica’s special character names to Unicodes. Examples include “\[RightArrow]” (which is mapped to “→”), “\[Not]” (“¬”) , etc., but also some interesting Mathematica-specific characters, e.g., “\[Andy]”.

Anyway, I realized that my JavaScript is a bit rusty; I guess that’s to be expected since I haven’t done any serious JavaScript programming for about 3 years. Also, I realized that I have to implement parts of classes that Java offers but that are missing in JavaScript. Today it was the Color class and in particular the construction of an RGB color from HSB.

Also, I started thinking about interacting with parametrized graphics in virtual reality. But I guess I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.